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Spider Control & Extermination

Now controlling Spiders in Modesto, Manteca, Oakdale & Turlock!
In central California, spiders are a common household pest. Garden spiders spin elaborate webs and while these spiders are not poisonous, their webs can be a nuisance. However, other spiders like the brown recluse, black and brown widow, are poisonous and can be fatal to people with weakened immune systems, small children and pets. Below, we have listed these harmful spiders and what to look for.

Brown Recluse

This spider is light brown, about 1/2" in length, and has a violin-shaped marking on the thorax. It looks similar to non-venomous "Wolf Spiders" but is often unseen because of its reclusive habits. Fortunately, the brown recluse spider is incredibly rare in the San Joaquin Valley and California. Most cases of brown recluse spiders in California have documented that the recluse spider(s) hitched a ride from items coming from southern states.

Black Widows

Black widows have black, shiny bodies and the females have a red hourglass shape underneath on the abdomen. They hide in dark, dry places behind baseboards, under work benches and patio chairs, as well as wood piles and garage/storage spaces. Black widows make an irregular, strong and sticky web. Black widow venom can be deadly to children under 6 and those with weakened immune systems. In a normal healthy adult, the bite causes extreme localized pain, intense full body muscle contraction and cramping. They are typically not aggressive until their webs are threatened.

Brown Widows

The Brown Widow is similar to the black widow spider, but its body is a dull brown color. Brown widows also hide in dark, dry places and make irregular, strong and sticky web similar to their cousin, the black widow. The key difference between black and brown widows is the potency of their venom; the brown widow’s venom is twice as toxic.

If you spot black or brown widows, it is very important to have a pest technician treat the problem. Their bites can be deadly to small children and pets. Be sure to check all outdoor furniture and play equipment for webs before letting your children outside. These spiders are only aggressive if their webs are threatened.

For the best results, Onstar recommends beginning a preventative maintenance program. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service. Call today for more information about our spider control program.

Spider Control

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brown widow control modesto manteca oakdale turlock
Brown Recluse

This rare spider’s painful bite causes the flesh surrounding the bite to rot away.

Black Widow

Commonly seen at the base of buildings and in wood piles, this posionous spider will aggressively defend its nest.

Brown Widow

This cousin of the Black Widow spider is less aggressive, though it’s bite is actually more venomous.

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