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Waterford Pest Control

waterford pest control company
  • Family owned and locally operated
  • Dependable, state-licensed pest control technicians
  • OMRI certified organic pest control options
  • Minimal chemical application with IPM service programs
  • Competitive pricing, honest service
  • Monthly, bi-monthly & quarterly pest control programs

Waterford, California Pest Control 95386

Now serving Waterford, California!
Here at Onstar Pest Control of Waterford, our top priority is using the least toxic pest control methods possible to protect your home and environment. All services are customized by state licensed pest inspectors who identify your pest infestation. Upon discovery, we develop a plan to eliminate the pests you have, then prevent and point out conditions conducive to pest issues. In many cases, we can protect homes in Waterford with a combination of precisely targeted baits or traps. These methods control interior pests typical to Waterford and carefully seal out entry points to prevent further infestations. Every year, our pest control technicians conduct hundreds of service inspections in Waterford with a 98% satisfaction rate!

Onstar Pest Control Inc. offers a full line of service programs to meet your budget and bug tolerance level for all recurring pest issues. Please ask about our residential pest control maintenance programs.
Monthly - Bi-Monthly - Quarterly
Our pest control maintenance programs help improve your quality of life by helping to control disease carriers, while protecting Waterford from insect invasion. Our selection of materials and methods application will be designed to give you the best solution to your problem pest.

For Pest Control Services in Waterford, California Please Call: (209) 845-8711

Waterford Pest Control

waterford pest control company

The relatively small city of Waterford is known for its characteristic and peculiar quirks. Business names have been humorous at times, such as the Blockmaster Video, whose name is derived from Blockbuster Video retail chain; and also Dizzy Dee’s Dumpy Diner in the 1980s. The Bait Barn is an all purpose establishment created from a retrofit barn that currently sells gasoline, packaged food, and fishing bait and open 24 hours a day. There used to be a strikingly peculiar landmark, known as the Cup Tree or the Mug Tree, an oak adorned with more than 2000 collected cups and mugs. The tree was removed in 2010.

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Failure to keep your business environment free of pests can result in closure and fines. At Onstar Pest Control, our business is protecting your business. Whether you manage hundreds of condominiums, police station or a single restaurant, our pest management inspectors offer early detection and prevention from pests before they become a problem.

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At Onstar Pest Control we understand how uncomfortable, inconvenient and potentially harmful a pest problem can be. Our top priority is using the least toxic pest control methods possible to protect your home and environment.

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