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25+ Years of Quality Pest Management in Manteca & Oakdale  

Onstar Pest Control is a family owned and operated business serving the pest management needs of local homes and businesses since 1998. We offer effective and affordable pest control in Turlock, Manteca, Oakdale, and surrounding areas for all types of pests. Once the initial infestation is eradicated, we can recommend maintenance programs to keep your property pest free. 

Contact our pest control experts today at (209) 600-0558 for help with any pest problem. 

Effective Pest Management 

Pests enter homes and commercial properties seeking food, water, and shelter. Our area of the country is home to many types of insects and pests. Some of the most common invaders include ants, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, silverfish, spiders,wasps, mice, and other insects and rodents. Since pests breed extremely fast, catching the problem early is important for preventing larger infestations. 

The best methods for eliminating pests varies depending on the type of insects or rodents that are present in your home, and this can change with each season of the year. The warmer spring weather brings out the ground dwelling insects. As the weather warms more in the summer, spiders, ants, and wasps appear. In the winter months, rodents and insects make their way indoors to escape the colder weather.  

Integrated pest management is an innovative approach that provides a long term solution to pest infestations. IPM is a process that has been developed to resolve pest problems, while minimizing the risk to the environment and people. This approach is used for effective pest management in residential and commercial properties in urban and natural areas. 

Keeping Your Property Pest Free 

While the initial treatment is effective for getting rid of pests, keeping them out requires a comprehensive approach to Turlock pest control. Whether you have pests in the house, basement, garage, or attic, exclusion techniques are essential for preventing a new infestation. Your technician will track down their access points and seal any holes or gaps pests are using to get in the house. 

You can discourage pest activity by:  

  • Removing sources of food and water 
  • Disposing of garbage regularly in tightly sealed cans 
  • Reducing clutter in and around the house 
  • Keeping the kitchen clean 
  • Storing food in closed and sealed containers 

A maintenance program provides a lasting solution for pest management to keep your property pest free. Your pest control specialists will work with you to create a custom maintenance program to prevent new pest infestations.

Why Choose Us?

If you are like most homeowners, you know that your home is your single largest investment. Allowing pests such as rodents, termites or other pests to literally undermine you and your foundation is unacceptable, especially when a simple call to us can remedy the situation. Don’t let them eat you out of house and home. Contact us before an initial invasion becomes a costly repair.

  • Maintenance Programs and Services that Fit Your Needs

  • Locally Owned and Operated

  • Protecting Your Family From Pests for Over 25 Years!

Get a Free Quote for Pest Control 

Our Turlock pest control process starts with an inspection of your property to identify your pest problem. After performing the inspection, our technician will discuss the treatment options to deal with the current infestation and explain the benefits of a maintenance program for long term pest management. When you sign up for a maintenance program, you will get $200 off the initial start up fee. 

When you are ready to deal with your pest problem, call (209) 600-0558 for a free home inspection and estimate. 

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