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Readers Choice Award, #1 Central Valley Pest Control.
Onstar Pest Control has many different pest maintenance programs to meet your Bug Tolerance Level and Budget.

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Pest Control Reviews

Every member of the Onstar family strives to provide the best possible service. If you would like to write a review, please use any of the below sites to rate your experience. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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Commercial Service Testimonials

Jeff M. Steves

Steve’s Chevrolet Buick has been a long term customer of Onstar Pest Control. The history between Steve’s Chevrolet Buick and Onstar Pest Control dates back to August of 1998 when Dan Eskew, owner and operator came in to our showroom floor to purchase his first company truck. We have been using his service at our dealership and our homes since that time and have always been more that happy with the complete and courteous attention we have received. Throughout the years, the level of service has always exceeded our expectations. The fact that he is local gives us the satisfaction of serving the community businesses. It is for all of these reasons that Onstar Pest Control is highly recommended for all Pest Control concerns. – Steve’s Chevrolet-Buick

Jeff M. Steves

Norm and Ramona Morgan

We have received superior service from Onstar Pest Control. In an emergency situation, you are there! You are friendly courteous and sincere about providing exactly what needs to be done. Each service we have received is of excellence! – Norm’s Barber Shop

Thank you Dan fro your excellent professional service you have given us.

Norm and Ramona Morgan

The staff at Oakdale Tires

Onstar Pest Control company is a local company that takes pride in knowing every home or business they serve has a pest free environment. Not only the business owner but our employees use Onstar for their own homes and would not use anybody else. They are courteous and kind, very prompt with service and able to tackle any job you might have. We highly recommend their services to anybody who might have a problem, or just for regular maintenance.- Oakdale Tires

The staff at Oakdale Tires

Steve M

We are glad to have Onstar Pest Control Services for the past 13 years. As a food processing and restaurant facility we have food and safety standards to be kept on a daily basis. Onstar has kept our facility clean and pest free with great service. –House of Beef

Home Pest Control

A Bug Free Home

Our preventive programs combine a 98% customer satisfaction rating along with minimally toxic solutions. Se habla Espanol.


The Organic Solution

OMRI Certified

Natural organic solutions are preferred by many of today’s homeowners, especially those with children and pets.

Termite Treatment

Minimal Fuss with less risks

Our specialty is termite treatments without relocation by using organic materials.

Stellar Pest Support

At Onstar Pest Control,

We do whatever it takes for our customers. It’s the reason more people are choosing us – and staying with us – year after year.


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