Onstar Pest Control strives for customer satisfaction! We have many happy customers who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look and read all of our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at 209-600-0558.

      "A company you can trust"

      Onstar Pest Control, Inc. has been spraying my property from the start of the company’s existence. The owner Mr. Dan Eskew, is a kind honorable man who stands behind his work. Dan sprays for me every other month and in between spraying if I see any creepy crawlers I make one phone call and someone is out to my house within a couple of days if not sooner. I honestly cannot think of one complaint, only compliments.
      Bottom line is if you are looking for a quality pest control service provider, a company you can trust then Onstar Pest Control, Inc. is the business you have been looking for

      Debbie Haley
      "Thanks Onstar for making country living even better!"

      Onstar Pest Control is the best around!!! We live in the country and the company we used previously was no match for Onstar. Onstar Pest Control has rid our home completely of spiders and those pesky beetles that seem to be everywhere. They have done a fantastic job at keeping mice away as well. They also do a great job of keeping the wasps around our house at bay, by spraying and knocking down nests. It really helps! Their customer service is unbelievable. Our service tech is honest, dependable, friendly, and always professional. He is also very mindful of our pets. We couldn't ask for better! Thanks Onstar for making country living even better!!!!

      The Soares Family
      "Extremely satisfied with the results"

      Dan has treated our homes for almost twenty years and we have always been extremely satisfied with the results, service and the price of pest control. Dan and Onstar Pest Control have always been there if we had any problems between service calls.

      Ron and Lisa Martin
      "Onstar is dependable and efficient"

      Dan & Onstar Pest Control have been providing excellent service since 1998. We live in the country and Dan sprays our dog kennels and horse stalls as well as the house. Whenever we have an attack of stink bugs or gnats Dan will be right there to take care of the problem. Onstar is dependable and efficient we recommend them highly.

      Bill & Debby Sanguinetti
      "Highly recommended for all our Pest Control concerns."

      Throughout the years, the level of service has always exceeded our expectations. The fact that he is local gives us the satisfaction of serving the community businesses. It is for all of these reasons that Onstar Pest Control is highly recommended for all Pest Control concerns.

      Jeff M. Steves
      "In an emergency situation, you are there!"

      We have received superior service from Onstar Pest Control. In an emergency situation, you are there! You are friendly courteous and sincere about providing exactly what needs to be done. Each service we have received is of excellence! Thank you Dan for the excellent professional service you have given us.

      Norm and Ramona Morgan
      "They are courteous and kind"

      Onstar Pest Control company is a local company that takes pride in knowing every home or business they serve has a pest free environment. Not only the business owner but our employees use Onstar for their own homes and would not use anybody else. They are courteous and kind, very prompt with service and able to tackle any job you might have. We highly recommend their services to anybody who might have a problem, or just for regular maintenance.

      The staff at Oakdale Tires
      "Onstar has kept our facility clean and pest free with great service"

      We are glad to have Onstar Pest Control Services for the past 13 years. As a food processing and restaurant facility we have food and safety standards to be kept on a daily basis. Onstar has kept our facility clean and pest free with great service.

      House of Beef
      "I have recommended him to my neighbors and friends"

      Onstar has been a great company to work with. It is hard to find companies these days that value customer service like Nick at Onstar does. He takes pride in his work and treats our house as if it is his own. I have recommended him to my neighbors and friends and all of had the same great experience I have.

      "Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Richard and Onstar pest control."

      After three months of fighting ants inside and out of my residence, I called Onstar pest Control. Richard was quick to return my inquire and even scheduled to come out later that day to treat the little pests. While I was reluctant to call in an outside company because of a family pet, he assured me that their chemicals are animal friendly. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for Richard and Onstar pest control. It's so nice not to fight the ants, and the added bonus...all the spiders are gone too! Thank You Richard.

      Tiffany L.
      "I have been using OnStar for several years now, like 10+ years."

      I tried some other companies, but they do not even compare to the professionalism of the service techs and the quality of the product they use. We had a serious wasp problem at our house and always did have a problem. It just got worse and worse. Today I am wasp free....incredible!!! My service technician is Nick, and what a great guy he is. Pleasant and knowledgeable, you can't ask for better than that. The service value itself is beyond compare, most companies or service techs don't give a hoot about discussing a pest problem. Nick is right there all the time. Great service. I give Nick and his company an A++ all around. Thank you OnStar and thank-you Nick. By-the-way, I suggest you request Nick as your service tech when calling up OnStar, you won't be disappointed.

      Sharon Hofmann
      "The service is top notch and I really don't have to worry about anything"

      We have been using Onstar Pest Control for many years. If we ever see an increase in wasps, ants, etc. I contact Nick and he quickly takes care of the issue. We live in the country and at one point had a horrible wasp problem that was a danger to our kids because it was all around our pool area. Nick made sure to do everything possible to alleviate the wasp issue and eventually was able to eliminate the problem. Nick will answer calls, questions and troubleshoot areas around our home whenever needed. The service is top notch and I really don't have to worry about anything where pesky pests are concerned. Thank you Onstar Pest Control!

      Jill Dutra
      "I use Nick on all my places."

      He is quick to text or call me back. Thanks Onstar and Nick.

      Tim Wenger
      "If you are looking for a great pest control service, then Onstar is the company to choose!"

      We are very pleased with the business relationship we share with Onstar Pest Control. We have found their service to be dependable and friendly over the years. Onstar has been spraying our property, since they established their company in 1998. They have great communication with us, as well as listening to our needs.

      "I can say that | love doing business with locally ‘owned business."

      I have been with On Star Pest Control since 2002. First with Richard and the last nine years with Nick. I can say that | love doing business with locally ‘owned business. | have had nothing but prompt, courteous, and excellent service from both of them. | have recommended many neighbors and friends to Your services over the years, too. Do not go away ever and take good care of your employees because they are the best!

      Debbie Paul
      "If you are looking for a superb pest control ‘company, Onstar Pest Control should be your first choice!"

      We are long time customers of Onstar Pest Control and have been nothing but 100% satisfied. Dan Eskew and his technicians have always been prompt, professional, respectful and courteous when treating our home. If ever we have an issue arise with regards to pests or rodents, alli takes is one phone call to Onstar and a technician is out to treat our problem, ‘normally within the same day. ‘Our experience with Onstar Pest Control has been so fantastic that we would not consider using another pest control company ever.

      Kim Bianchi
      "| would recommend On-Star Pest Control to anyone!"

      I have been a customer of On-Star Pest Control for quite a few years now. | used to have a huge problem with ants. On-Star came in a sprayed the inside and outside of my house once and my ant problem has all but disappeared. | continue to have the outside of my house sprayed every other month to keep the problem under control. | am also very afraid of ‘spiders and rarely see any inside or outside of my house since starting my service with On-Star. Dan and the rest of his crew are always pleasant and respectful ‘when spraying.

      "Nick is thorough and thoughtful of our pets."

      I have been an Onstar customer for over 5 years and | can assure you they are THE "go to’ pest control services for me and my family. Nick is our technician and he has been extremely professional and knowledgable when it comes to "special pest problems”. Nick is thorough and thoughtful of our pets. on our property. We have had other pest control services in the past but Onstar is much more personable than al the rest. Thank you Onstar and especially thank you Nick.

      PS. Nick rocks!

      Marty Clark
      "Thank You for giving us such great service!"

      I had two other pest control companies before contacting Onstar. They have serviced our home for over 15 years and we are very happy with the service they provide. Nick has serviced our home for the last 11 years. He always makes sure to ask us if we have any pest problems he should be aware of. We ‘moved into a new home recently, when we were given the keys we noticed red ants everywhere in the front flowerbed and porch. We called Onstar, and Nick called ‘within 30 minutes. He came out to eliminate the red ants before we moved in. | have not seen another red ant since then.

      The Fast Family

      Arlee Fast
      "Onstar Pest Control gives outstanding and efficient service."

      Dan was very knowledgeable and professional, and explained in detail what products he would be using to eliminate our ant and spider problem as well as why he chose that plan. He scheduled our ‘appointment promptly and at my convenience, even though | live out of Onstar’s immediate area. With one application our pest problem has disappeared. | am impressed with the service and am pleased to recommend Onstar without reservation.

      Kelly Carr
      "I highly recommend Nick with Onstar."

      We have had great service from Onstar provided by Nick. He is quick to respond and the one time we had ants, he came out to take care of them (with no extra charge even though it was before our next scheduled service).

      Mike Neici Lester